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Add "Select All" option in "Import Library" window

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Add "Select All" option in "Import Library" window

Postby Corrado » 25 October 2017, 15:13

I suggest adding "Select All Classes" button in "Import Library" window (and "Unselect All" button as well)

Just got to import dll with 137 classes.. it was a pain..
also, currently, it automatically expands child methods each time you select class, which does not allows to select classes quickly by arrow and space keys..

could you please make it similar to "Import database structure" window, where are "Select tables" and "Deselect tables" buttons.
Thank you.
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Re: Add "Select All" option in "Import Library" window

Postby d.arrivabene » 9 November 2017, 16:02

You can do it: just click using the right button on "Classes" label at the top of "Import Library" window.
It will appear a popup menu with three commands:
- select all
- cancel selection
- deselect new objects

Let me know if you found it.
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