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Minor Context Menus Improvements

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Minor Context Menus Improvements

Postby john w » 24 August 2022, 16:19

I often have to do large forms with hundreds of data fields in a detail layout. In doing this there seems to be some simple improvements to the context menu when working with items in a panel. If you are dealing with one or two items this may not be a huge deal but when working with hundred its a lot of key strokes and mouse clicks. It takes time and adds up.

To make the fields equal, headers, height and width requires a minimum of 3 mouse clicks. It would be nice if the three clicks could be reduced to a single menu item and made an option.

It would be nice when working with a panel if you had the option to add a text field from the right click context menu.

Keyboard shortcuts are always appreciated, mouse work is slower. There are places where these could be improved, for example on the Make Equal and Align menus

John W
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