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How to link actions with Command?

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How to link actions with Command?

Postby Girish » 23 September 2019, 12:03

I want to create a command run time and assign it to mainmenu (which is doable as shown in code below), but at the same time i want to open a form on click of this command. So my question is, How to link/assign command with action?

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IDCommand idc = new()
idc.caption = "Open Customer"
idc.enabled = true
idc.visible = true
//on click of this IDCommand I want to open a form

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Re: How to link actions with Command?

Postby ljwilson » 2 October 2019, 19:32


Did you figure this out? Looks like it could be done with the On Command (event):

From the Help:
•To set the features of a menu completely dynamically, you can link the Commands in the Command Set to an empty procedure, and then in the OnCommand event handle the user's selections depending on how the CommandSet was dynamically populated.

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