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Policy on the use of cookies on the site

The policy below regarding the use of cookies on this website is provided as part of the implementation of the provisions of the Italian Privacy Authority dated 8 May 2014 (Identification of simplified methods for disclosing and obtaining consent to the use of cookies) and in compliance with art. 13 of the GDPR (EU general regulation on data protection # 679/2016).

This policy is provided and updated by Pro Gamma SpA, manager of the website and Data Controller for the personal information connected to it, with offices in Via D'Azeglio, 51, 40123 Bologna (BO) - Italy, which can be contacted at

You can contact the same address to exercise the rights of the data subject as described in the GDPR (art.s 15 - 21 and art. 34 of the GDPR: for example, access, deletion, updating, rectification, integration, etc.).

We also inform you that the Controller has nominated a DPO, identified as the Attorney Giovanni Crocetti Bernardi of the Court of Ravenna, practicing in Via A. De Gasperi # 5 - 48121 - Ravenna (RA), Italy, Tel. +39 0544.31159 - Email:, certified email:

In any event, personal data are processed by specific individuals assigned by the Controller, and they are neither communicated nor circulated.

What cookies does use?

This website uses

  • technical cookies, which ensure that the website content functions correctly;

  • third-party Analytics cookies, as an anonymous and aggregate analysis tool regarding the behaviors of browsers on the website;

What are cookies?

Cookies are small strings of text that a website can send to a user's device while they surf (whether they are using a desktop, laptop, smartphone, or tablet; they are normally saved directly by the browser used when surfing). The same website that sent them can then read and record the cookies found on the device to obtain various kinds of information.

What types of cookies exist?

There are various types of cookies, with different characteristics.

First, cookies can be classified as:

  • session cookies, which are deleted as soon as the browser (such as Internet Explorer, Safari Google Chrome, etc.) is closed

  • persistent cookies, which, differently from session cookies, remain on the device, continuing to operate even after the browser is closed, and until a given period of time has elapsed

  • first-party cookies, meaning cookies that are generated and managed directly by the managing party for the website on which the user is browsing

  • third-party cookies, which are generated and managed by parties other than the manager of the website on which the user is browsing (generally in force through a contract between the owner of the website and that third-party).

The two functional macro-categories are:

technical cookies
technical cookies are generally necessary for the correct operation of the website and for allowing browsing; without them, the browser may be unable to correctly display the pages or use certain services. For example, a technical cookie is mandatory for keeping the user connected throughout their visit to a website, or for saving settings regarding the language, display, and so on. Technical cookies can be further separated into navigation cookies, which ensure normal navigation and use of the website (for example, making it possible to make a purchase or authenticate oneself to access protected areas); analytics cookies, equated with technical cookies only where used directly by the manager of the website to collect information, in aggregate form, on the number of users and how they visit the website: functionality cookies, which allow the user to navigate as a function of a series of selective criteria (for example, the language, products selected for purchase) in order to improve the service provided to that user.

profiling cookies
the purpose of profiling cookies is to create profiles for the user and they are used to promote offers that match the preferences the user has demonstrated as they browse the web.
In any case, does not use this type of cookie.

The following first party technical cookies are used on this site

phpbb3_n4r9f_u 30 days Used to manage the autologin
phpbb3_n4r9f_k 30 days Used to identify the user session
phpbb3_n4r9f_sid 30 days Used to identify the user session

This site uses the following third-party analytical cookies

_ga 30 days Used by Google Analytics to analyze navigation statistics

The analytical cookie described only provides anonymous and aggregate data, and therefore explicit acceptance from the user is not required for its use.


Every user can configure their own browser in order to not accept cookies automatically. All cookies installed in the browser can be deleted and the installation of new cookies can be blocked. For specific instructions on each type of browser, choose one of the following links:


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