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ML with INDE C# Python and Plotly - linear regression

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ML with INDE C# Python and Plotly - linear regression

Postby IndeJones » 22 August 2019, 9:47

I have tested the use of INDE to build a software to do Machine Learning. I have not found on the blog examples in this field. So I post a demo project that uses the javascript library plotly.js in order to visualize a linear regression model developed with python (based on the dataset that can be found at the link ... es-dataset).
In brief, the software works as follow: the application calls a method contained in a C# class in a dll that executes a python script that implement a linear regression model. The data from the model are taken in INDE and sent to the browser for the visualization with the plotly library.

Technical notes:
-the INDE version is the express 18.5 r9
-the INDE project is MLPythonPlotly.idp
-the Visual Studio 2017 solution for the dll (RunPythonScript.dll) that executes the python script is called MLPythonPlotly.sln
-in the INDE options the .NET version is set to 4.x. It is important because the dll RunPythonScript.dll has been built with the .NET Framework 4.6.1 Winpython64-
-in order to work, the application uses the portable version of python that is downloadable from: ... 7/ and that is installed in C:\Winpython64-
It is possible to use some other python version and a different installation path (if the python script in the project works and if the path where python is installed is modified in the INDE code)
-it is necessary to use an internet connection because plotly.js is downloaded by a CDN.

As for my previous post, this topic can be found in the italian section as: "ML con INDE C# Python e Plotly - regressione lineare"

Have a good Machine Learning! :D
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